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Wednesday Writing: The Grammar Nazi Copes With Facebook

Usually, the Grammar Nazi logs onto Facebook with a severe case of apprehension. She knows there will be capitalization issues and misspellings galore. She steels herself against posts that show a complete lack of comprehension on the concept of sentences.

Even prepared, it is always a traumatic experience.

For everyone on Facebook who now wonders if this is about them—please don’t worry. Unless you have to write in a professional capacity (or are working toward that goal) there’s no logical reason grammar and spelling errors in a Facebook post should produce stroke-like side effects in the Grammar Nazi. Neither she, nor her grammar is perfect, and Facebook amounts to casual speech—like typing in gchat or an email. It doesn’t matter.

But she still gets worked up!

It’s a problem. A failing, even. So, keep that in mind when she shares this one.

The Ur-Grammar Nazi posted the following comic on the Grammar Nazi’s wall (click on the image to visit what I think is the original context):

Only a few days later, the following post appeared on the Grammar Nazi’s news feed:

its to cold and windy todo anything got along day tomorrow

And the Grammar Nazi laughed! Actually laughed instead of choking, or developing a nosebleed or something to that effect.

Hey, it’s progress.

Friday Frivolity: The Grammar Nazi asks for a definition

Take the Internet Word Challenge! Define today’s undefined humdinger: “absolete.” The context is a yelp review about a restaurant:

“It’s the lack of appeal in the ambiance and the service level that holds me back from being an absolete fan of this place.”

So have at it, friends and neighbors. What does “absolete” mean?

And yes, the Grammar Nazi realizes she should really be calling herself the Spelling Nazi, so here’s an awful little bit of humor from webcomic Cyanide and Happiness:

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