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Friday Frivolity: My “Maybe I Should” List

So, I know Bucket Lists are all the rage, including all the variations (before the baby lists, before graduation lists, etc). But what about those of us who would love to get involved in something/take up a particular hobby but know we won’t, and that it’s best that we don’t even try because we are hobbationally (I hereby dub that a legit adverb) tapped out?

Photo by Steven Depolo

In honor of my husband and his fondness for dreaming big, I’m going to call this my Maybe I Should List, or MISlist.

Maybe I Should…

1) Learn to knit.

Except I won’t because I’m tapped out on time, and it would take way too much practice to learn how to knit like my friend Katie, and really, I just want her pretty clothes.

2) Take a belly dance class.

See reason above, subbing “dance” for “knit”.

3) Learn how to use Photoshop.

It’s expensive and there are so many features to learn…besides, I’m already the Beastmaster of MS Paint. What, that isn’t a desirable skill?

4) Learn to play the guitar.

Because my track record with practicing musical instruments is so good.

5) Take up oil painting.

Tiny townhouse, you’re killing me here.

I figure there’s no harm in dreaming about these things as long as I’m realistic about my priorities and where I really want to devote my time. Who knows– maybe one day, one or two of these items will get moved onto a real list.

Until then, what’s on your MISlist?

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