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My Novels

Just like the movies, television shows and books I feature in this blog, I’m drawn to writing romance across genres. My first few novels were fantasy, and since deciding to shelve those for awhile, I’ve written two young adult novels: a historical fantasy (Veiled Iron), and a contemporary romance (Broadway High).

Veiled Iron

In a world inspired by the Ottoman Empire’s Golden Age, the violent sport of siegeball is a substitute for war, and fifteen-year-old Layla is the only girl who’s ever played. The sultan gave her permission to compete, but she must keep her face veiled, and in two years an arranged marriage will end her playing days for good. Layla dreams of winning a future of her own choosing, so the last thing she needs is Sanjar—the talented new boy on her team—protecting her by never throwing her the ball. As Layla earns his admiration and respect, unfamiliar feelings simmer through her, but when Sanjar becomes the prize in an imperial tug-of-war, Layla must risk her precarious position to win him back for her team, and possibly herself.

To read the first chapter, click here.

Broadway High

The day Tom Dempsey moved to town, he turned Natalie Whitmore’s third grade classmates into giggling nitwits, and shocked Natalie by asking her out. Back then, all boys had cooties, so she turned him down. Now, they’re both juniors and Tom has become their small-town high school’s biggest serial dater, earning Natalie’s scorn and the nickname “Tom-Ass” for the way he once dumped her best friend.

Natalie is finally ready for a romance of her own when she lands the lead in Grease—except Tom is her co-star, and stage-kissing the ex of half the girls in her class isn’t exactly what she had in mind. Now rehearsals for the biggest event in Broadway, Virginia are cranking, the directors are getting crazy, and the spark in her onstage romance with funny, easy-going Tom is sending Natalie into a mortified panic. How can she be falling for this guy when she still doesn’t trust him with her heart?

To read the first two chapters, click here.

As for what might be coming, I have ideas in the works for a Regency series about four German nobleman living in London while serving as bodyguards for the Grand Duchess Francesca Sophia Helena Therese — or “Sophy” as she prefers to be called.

I also have plans for more YA novels in the Veiled Iron world, as well as some contemporary YA novels that may or may not be set in the same town as Broadway High. One involves a war between the band and choir.

Oh and a Middle Grade boy novel. Whew, I’m going to be busy.

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