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Friday Frivolity: My next YA contemporary will be about band

Events are conspiring to make me miss band.

  1. My friend Karen found her cassette tape from our 1996 festival performance (my freshman year) and posted a picture of it on Facebook.
  2. I just spent my lunch hour scouring the web for an orchestral rendition of composer Basil Poledouris’s masterpiece: the score for the original Conan the Barbarian movie.
  3. The reason I did that was because I’d been listening to the music in my car and decided I had to ask my poor sister (Director of Artistic Planning for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra) to get her symphony to play this music. At least she didn’t laugh at me.
  4. Finally, that lead to me wandering around the CSO website looking at the bios for all their musicians, wishing I was one of them.

Band was Extracurricular Activity Numero Uno for me in middle school and high school, so I spent who knows how many hours rehearsing and playing in our marching band, concert band, and jazz ensemble. I spent so much time with it that by the time I got to college, I was burnt out and ready to let my trumpet muscles go to seed.

I’ve tried to go back to the trumpet many times over the years, but the problem is I remember how I sounded at my “peak” (I had a good, mellow sound, but not a good range, and that’s a killer for trumpet players).

Now, I sound like a dying cow for the ten minutes I can manage to play before my lips cry uncle. I think I’ll just have to relive my glory days (ha! hahahaha) by writing a novel about band. Just not right now.

But I ask you…how can any former band or orchestra member watch this clip and NOT wish they were the ones forcing this groundswell of sound into existence?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity: My next YA contemporary will be about band

  1. KMay on said:


    I was thinking the other day that I don’t know if I can even read music anymore. That makes me sad. My clarinet is at Mom’s and I sold my keyboard and guitar. Maybe once we get moved I’ll find a new keyboard. I do miss playing.

  2. I sing lots in church, so at least that has helped me keep my music-reading skills sharp, but I hear you. Sometimes I have to stop and go “what’s that thingy called–oh a MEASURE. Right.” You should definitely play again. Keyboard should be easier to get back into than trumpet.

  3. I too have been reminiscent of the “glory days” lately. For me it started back up 4 weeks ago with this knee re-injury. I always get a chuckle when someone (in this instance the doctor) asks how I originally injured my knee, because I know my retort of “it’s an old high school band injury” is not one commonly heard and I always get the look and smirk of “is she serious right now?”. We were over at some friend’s house the other week and the subject came up, and I found myself going on and on about the things people don’t know that go on in band, and not just at band camp as Hollywood would make you believe.
    And then Karen posted the picture of the festival tape and it really got me to thinking, man I sure miss band. I miss the “sins”, the Friday night football games, heck I even miss marching in the mud. I’ve lost touch, at least any real significant connection, with most of you guys over the years unfortunately, and I’m left with my only real connection to the band days, with my new found (in the last 3 years) friendship with, shutter the thought, a drill team member! Please don’t take away my official band geek membership card for that. Haha. It’s amazing to me how the band and the drill team could have worked so closely over those 4 years, and yet had such different experiences and as a result taken away such a different perspective and priorities. Now with Mr. Snively no longer at the helm, it seems our chances of a band reunion, dwindle more and more as the years go by and the memories fade.
    p.s.- I tried searching for Praga, and couldn’t find it. Do you remember who the composer was?

  4. Google Ninja at your service! Praga: There’s even a little clip you can play, and that’s definitely it. I remember Alan yelling at us about the fifth time through the song for not being able to play the trumpet solo to give him some relief.

    We could probably try to get a band and drill team reunion together. There are enough people on Facebook at least.

    “Old marching band injury” indeed 🙂

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