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Wednesday Writing: Blogging for the User

Yay new blog layout! See it’s romantical old page-looky top and bottom? See the interesting texture of the background that in no way interferes with the nice new, readable font? See how it’s still RED? 🙂

I changed the look of my blog over the weekend in part because I felt the old format was difficult to read. The fonts in the sidebars were microscopic, and some of the formatting had weird spacing and often didn’t co-operate when I wanted to make a heading larger.

I made the switch after reading this article on ProBlogger: The 5 Keys to Blog Useability. Some of the points are a little advanced for my current blog ability, but I took one look at my category headings and realized they were organized for MY convenience—not for a user’s convenience.

In public (rather than diary) blogging, the user is key. So in addition to changing my blog theme, I streamlined the categories, eliminating ones serving no useful purpose for a reader.

It’s a small step, but I think a good one. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing: Blogging for the User

  1. And I guess you know that the tags increase in size according to your more popular posts. Right? I think I heard that from one blogger.

  2. That’s only in a tag cloud (which I have on the lower left part of my sidebar in this new format)–and it increases in size depending on how much you use that particular tag, not based on how popular the various posts are. If there’s a different widget available for that, I don’t have access to it.

    I DO have a “Top Posts” feature now, which I didn’t before.

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