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Friday Frivolity: Blood Drive Threats?

My workplace does regular blood drives here in the building, which is great because I can take an hour out of the workday to open my veins and do something good for someone. Yeah, I faint every time, but oh well, it’s only about a half hours’ discomfort (and embarrassment!) and there are so many people out there who need the blood more than I do.

Anyway, apart from encouraging people to give blood, I’m bringing this up because the posters in our building make me chuckle.

JOIN US . . .

I’m sure no one else will find this as funny as I do—UNLESS you’ve seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves the approximately thirty times I have.

If you have seen it that many times, then your mind just might complete that poster the same way mine does.


Now for any Star Wars fans wishing to claim this as Vader’s line, he’s speaking to the emperor about the problem of Luke Skywalker (“he will join us or die”). Alan Rickman’s brilliant Sheriff of Nottingham fits the poster much better, drawling “join us” (complete with ellipsis) and then finishing “join us, or die.” See for yourself:

Now, who wants to give blood?

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3 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity: Blood Drive Threats?

  1. I’ve given blood before but I might call Canadian Blood Services and volunteer again!…If I do, do you think Alan Rickman will show up? 😉 Excellent use of that Robin Hood clip, BTW.

  2. Yeah, I think it’s safe to do it once every three months or so? I’m not exactly sure. I do it in honor of people I love who’ve either died of cancer or are dealing with cancer, since they often need blood transfusions to give them new energy and get them through another few days.

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