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Wednesday Writing: A New Year and a Revitalized Blog

I mean it this time. I have a Plan. And that’s Plan with a capital P, just so you know I mean business.

I’ve revamped my story excerpt pages (Click on “My Novels” at the top, or one of the novel pages to the left right under my picture) to include brief descriptions of two of my novels–including the first online appearance of Broadway High! It’s finished, edited, and going through some polishing rounds with beta readers, so I’ll start querying it as soon as I can get a synopsis written.

My new focus will be to give this blog a thrice-a-week format: Mondays will feature the main attraction—film, show, or book reviews with a focus on the romance subplot and whether or not it succeeds. Wednesdays will be about writing—sometimes this will be about my writing, other times it will be writing tips, or Grammar Nazi posts, or even agent interviews if I can get up enough courage to solicit some.  Fridays will be random, but I will post something, even if it’s just a rant about Real Estate agents and who they think they’re fooling anyway by calling a house “cozy.”


That’s my resolution, and I’m sticking to it!

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