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Lookin’ For Love in All the Wrong Places

I feel like the theme song for this blog could be “Lookin’ For Love in All the Wrong Places,” since I tend to gravitate toward unusual places for romance. I read and love romance novels of course, but there’s something very satisfying about starting a movie or book and finding romance where you least expect it. Maybe that’s something like real life.

When I was in middle school and high school I had about a million crushes, one right after another, some at the same time (I know, like just about everyone else) but it wasn’t until I got asked out by a guy I hadn’t even noticed that I got my first boyfriend. That’s not always how it works of course, but you can certainly try too hard (my dad says I get that tendency from him).

Since that’s how I was, I’m often suspicious of female characters (especially teens) who say they don’t want a boyfriend, or aren’t looking for love. I know these people exist, but I always catch myself going “really? not even a little bit? Not even an eensie little bit?”

That’s why it’s (perhaps) ironic that I created a main character (Layla inVeiled Iron) who has no romance on her radar. Here’s my defense: she’s such a tomboy, in such a male-dominated society that I just couldn’t see her any other way. Half the girls in her school already think she’s a tramp for playing on the siegeball team with all those boys–she’d only make her reputation worse by flirting with someone. Besides, in her world, women get married at 16-17, and their marriage is the kind that existed in most societies in the history of the world (the wife is the man’s property). With that in mind, I can’t see her–an athlete–being anxious to draw the amorous attention of boys.

But of course, she is a girl, and she does have all those teenage hormones and emotions bumping around inside her. A nice mix of conflict, no? 🙂

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