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The Grammar Nazi Tries to Buy a Car

“Thanks for your response, i would like to earn your business, we no loose business over the prcie.I think i gave you total price if you have lower price let me know.”

Sweetheart, the way to earn my business is not sending me an email riddled with typos and spelling/grammar errors. Let me tell you why.

#1 – Typos tell me you’re sloppy. Do I really want someone who’s sloppy with the details handling something as expensive and important as my car purchase?

#2 – Spelling errors may be forgivable on their own, but combined with the others…no, sorry I’m changing my mind. If you can’t spell, why are you working the internet sales team instead of the sales floor? Some people can’t spell–I get that–but when your chief tool for selling cars is the written word, how an internet salesperson spells and composes an email sends the same message as a regular salesperson strolling across a car lot wearing a camo hoodie and flip flops.

#3 – Grammar: “we no loose business”? Seriously? If English isn’t your first language, I’ll retract my claws to half-length, but my point remains.

No Frenchman would want to buy a car from me.

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5 thoughts on “The Grammar Nazi Tries to Buy a Car

  1. Jenna on said:

    You know, I’m running into similar experiences looking for an apartment/room. I’m automatically disregarding anything that has ridiculous spellng errors—- and anything that says “se habla espanol” ::halo::

    • Ha! Yeah that would definitely leave me with the same reaction, and you’re looking for a place to live. It just doesn’t inspire confidence, especially when there are others who do take the time to capitalize their “I’s” and put a space between each sentence. It’s a business transaction. Treat it like one.

  2. kelly on said:

    Hey Michelle, it’s Kelly from high school. Not sure where you’re at in NoVA (or what kind of car you’re looking for), but we just had a wonderful experience with Sheehy Nissan in Manassas. They have both new & used on the lot (and all makes, not just Nissan, on the used lot). I know for new cars (and I think for used as well), they have a price guarantee – they will beat any competitor’s pricing. Their whole team was awesome (even the finance people!)…can’t say enough good things about our sales guy, which is a first. His name is Manny and he’s on the Internet sales team if you’re interested!

    • Hi Kelly! Thank you for the recommendation–we were specifically looking for a new Honda Fit, so we had to stick with Honda dealers for that. I’m glad you had a good experience, though 🙂

  3. Laura on said:

    I love the lowercase “i” and the creative punctuation. I think this guy/gal could come up with an innovate deal for you!

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