Show Me the Romance

No cherubs. No doilies. No crap.

I have readers in Israel, Finland AND Ukraine.

Why? I have added fan-fiction to the burgeoning list of things I write.

When my mother reads this she’s probably going to croak, er, think I’ve abandoned all hope of getting my own original novel(s) published. But so far, I have nothing but great things to say about the experience. Yes, I’m still working on Broadway High , and yes, I’m busily editing Veiled Iron (query letter polished, primed, locked and loaded, ready to fire…any gun words I’m forgetting?) so that it’ll be ready to go out when I get agents beating down my door after they read my query (I wish that wasn’t tongue-in-cheek. Positive thoughts!). In the meantime, working on a fan-fiction story is kind of a way to keep my creative wells from not getting pumped dry all at once. Plus it’s fun to get responses from people who love the source material as much as you do.

So to answer the next logical question, I’m hosting our first-ever Keyboard Sandbox Poll.

Question: What exactly IS the source material, Michelle?

A) Anime

B) Battlestar Galactica

C) He-Man/She-Ra

D) The Office

Cheaters can go to and do an author search by my name, “Michelle Sinclair.”

You know you want to 😉

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