Show Me the Romance

No cherubs. No doilies. No crap.

The words are always greener on the other side of the genre

I’ve only ever written novels set in some world dated at least 400 years ago. Maybe that says something unflattering about my ability to relate to the world the Good Lord plunked me down in, but in the past, whenever I read something clever and visceral set in the “now,” I always made myself feel better as a writer by dismissing it as “oh it’s easier to write the world you live in.” Or “it’s easier when you can use the swear words and expressions people say today.”

I’m writing my very first contemporary novel and it’s freaking me out.

It’s not that I don’t think I can WRITE contemporary stuff (eek what if I can’t?) I just think I might be over-thinking it a bit. It’s like an alcoholic being locked in a room full of top shelf liquor and being told he’ll be locked in there forever if he doesn’t empty the bottles in the right order. Weird analogy, but bear with me. I can’t wait to get my hands on all those words and expressions and descriptions I could never use before, but now that I’m free to do it, I’m constantly afraid I’m doing it wrong.

Part of the problem is I’m currently writing the all-important first two pages, which can always be revised/cut/rewritten later, but of course, how awesome would it be to get it right–first thing out of the starting gate.

Perfectionism, thou art my frenemy.


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