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The Olympics and Siegeball

I have a media-related review due next week, so to prep for it, I’m watching the Olympics. In a nutshell, I swing back and forth on watching them…like when they’re on, I’m INVOLVED. But when the TV’s off, I’m kind of meh about turning them on. I’m going to explore some of the reasons for that in the article, but the reason I’m blogging about this is because the Olympics are one of the chief inspirations for the role siegeball plays in the world of Veiled Iron. Although the Olympics are supposed to promote peace and togetherness, they often boil down to a non-violent way to go at it with other countries, to prove one country’s superiority to the other.

So I tried taking that concept back a few centuries, using my favorite sport (football, a NON-Olympic sport) and creating an empire that allows its underling states to decide disputes by playing spoils games. This increases siegeball’s importance (it’s no longer “just a game”) and heightens the stakes for the participants. I love drama and real danger in the books I read, and I didn’t want my “football book” to be any different.

That isn’t to say football isn’t dangerous…the violent collisions can lead to catastrophic injury and death. But in the Tarishan Empire a man who sets foot on the siegeball field risks more than life, limb and a chance at a Super Bowl ring. He risks the existence of his people.

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