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Take-home point vs. Preaching

I had an interesting conversation with Katie yesterday, about take-home ideas. After reading various blogs, articles and websites, I know “preaching” your viewpoint is a no-no, especially if it comes across as such to the reader. So regardless of my personal views, my aim has always been to tell a good story.

But Katie made me realize that there is a gray area there (she referred to it as a “take-home point.” Truly great literature is chock-full of take-home points (otherwise we’d have nothing to discuss in English class), and while I don’t pretend to be writing truly great literature, the subject material for this book can’t help grazing the scope of gender issues. It’s about a girl who plays football. AND her world is decidedly a male-dominated one.

More on this in part 2

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2 thoughts on “Take-home point vs. Preaching

  1. I think the question is, will there be “study questions” at the end of the book. This does remind me of that 30 Rock episode though.

    • What 30 Rock episode?

      And yes, I’m preparing a twenty page study guide complete with practice test to be included, and I’m also warning potential publishers that they will need to print extra copies because of all the schools and universities who will decide to add it to the curriculum. It’s only fair to the publisher, after all.

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