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What is Siegeball?

Siegeball is football (the American kind) repurposed for an empire who uses it to settle disputes within its borders. My concept is that in this world’s history, siegeball/football in its earliest beginnings was a simulation for war (with different waves of attack, different positions representing the specialties one might find in an army, a degree of controlled violence, etc) and that over time, the simulation evolved into a highly ritualized, rule-bound sport.

Is it a coincidence that this game evolved into the exact rule structure one finds in the modern NFL? Sure, but that’s no more a problem than any other parallel situation in speculative fiction.

Positions on a football team and their siegeball counterparts:

  • quarterback = lancer
  • running back = ram
  • offensive line = vanguard
  • wide receiver = receiver
  • tight end = flanker
  • fullback = shield
  • defensive line = wall line
  • linebacker = linebacker
  • safety = safety
  • cornerback = rearguard
  • kicker = kicker
  • punter = punter

As you can tell, not everything changed. I left some anchor words for those who are already familiar with football terms–usually words that just flat-out made sense or that seemed like it would be overkill to change.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I’d really appreciate it!

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